Eva Fenz

1985, Vienna

Fenz is a Vienna-based artist, portraitist, Zine maker
and independent web-based entrepreneur.

In her 20's she took courses in Theatre Arts and Sociology at Vienna University
and dabbled in independent theatrical work, wrote and directed children's plays.

Since 2018 she has been working as a freelance artist with a focus on visual arts.
Her central medium and core theme of her art production is paper and print.
Fenz' passion for paper ranges from classic forms of expression such as painting and lino cut, self-publishing of zines, to manufacturing her own paper for specific works.

Her zines - which she uses as a link to accompany her works with stories, thoughts and text art - have been part of a number of group exhibitions in Austria

Her visual works were exhibited in her solo exhibition "Unset in Stone" which opened in Vienna, Nelkengasse 8 on May 28th 2021.